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Birthday Portrait Series: Richard Notkin

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

We could all stand to be a little more like my good friend, Richard Notkin. He’s a true bon vivant, endlessly curious and a lifelong student of just about every dimension of art there is, with a deep love of ice cream rivalled only by his enthusiasm for won ton soup. His quirky anecdotes, whether from his days working in Hollywood or raising children on the beaches of Massachusetts, never fail to entertain me and leave me with a strange sense of nostalgia. Richard is the reason I keep a file on my phone called “The Statements”, to keep track of my kids’ hilarious musings.

Here he is in his element, listening to a friend play jazz at his 75th birthday party a few years back. 

This birthday post is a couple of days late, but since I had the opportunity to celebrate with him over Peking duck on the day itself, I hope he’ll let it slide.


Happy birthday, Richard.


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