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Birthday Portrait Series: Natasha Morris Goldman

I had been thinking of reviving the birthday posts – a little tradition in which I dig up photos of people I like* from my archives. This one goes out to Natasha Morris Goldman, a close friend who is really more like family.


I liked Tash from the start, when my new girlfriend (aka Carolyn, the one who’s now my wife) introduced me to her in 2008. Carolyn was hoping to get Tash’s seal of approval, and I guess she got it, because, well, here we are. Over the years since then, the members of our respective households have spent a fair amount of quality time together – birthdays, proposals, weddings, births, apple pressings, hikes, strolls, quiet dinners, loud dinners and that Billy Joel concert in NYC which we probably shouldn’t admit to publicly. Thoughtful and empathetic, smart and resourceful, fun-loving but grounded, and a truly gifted cook and baker, Tash is an all-around wonderful person, and I’m glad to know her.


Here she is in L’Esterel with my son, Rocky, and her beloved dog, Layla (RIP), in 2015.

Happy birthday, Tash.

* And whom I have had the opportunity to photograph at some point over the years

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